Hard Vacuum

Scenarios & Variants

Long Range Criticals
Rules to fix a strange long range side-effect.
Worksheets & Variants
Filled-out ship design worksheets for published Hard Vacuum rocketships, plus variant designs fielded by the space powers.
Ship Design Kit
Blank control sheets, weapon data boxes, and worksheets in PDF format for Hard Vacuum spaceship designers.

Hard Vacuum Accessories

Hard Ships
Our sister company Sierra Madre Games now stocks inch-long rubber spaceships scaled for use with Hard Vacuum. At $2.50 for a half dozen, it's hard to go wrong with these, and they come in three assorted colors.
Chessex Manufacturing makes a fine series of vinyl hexmats. The one perfectly suited for Hard Vacuum is their stock number 97869, "Megamat™ (Black Vinyl): 30mm Numbered Hexes" for $29.98. It's black with white hexes, and is quite waterproof for those of you who tend to spill liquids in zero-G. The Hard Vacuum game photos featured in the Convention Report Archive usually include this mat.
GEO-HEX, famous for their line of styrofoam terrain, makes felt mats as well. Their stock number GSMAT-0X, "Starscape in Battlescape format" is a great Hard Vacuum addition for $44.00. Though more expensive than the Chessex mat, it's more colorful, with day-glo stars and nebulae, and can be safely folded to fit in a bag. The hexes are larger, which is good if you have big miniatures but bad if you want to cram as much play area onto the table as possible.


This section will be expanded in the near future, but for now here's an interesting book we didn't use when designing the game.

Tesla: Master of Lightning, by Margaret Chaney (Amazon link)

Other Hard Vacuums

The Hard Vacuum published by Fat Messiah Games is not the only one, just the first.
Gordon Horne created a world that used to be named Hard Vacuum, but is now called Iron Skies to avoid confusion with a certain World War II alternate universe.
Samael, an Insecta player from across the pond, has created a hard-SF background that goes by the name of Hard Vacuum.

FMG retains all rights to the "Hard Vacuum" trademark, and these two other Hard Vacuum games use it with our permission.

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